Innovative Landscape Management, LLC - Seasonal & Specialty Services - Willowick, OH
Innovative Landscape Management, LLC -
Specialty & Seasonal Services

When the time comes to add that special touch to your landscape we will be there to help you design and install all the things that your landscape needs. 

Our specialty services vary based on the customers needs. We work closely with our clients to tailor all of our specialty services to your needs and budget. Some of our services are listed below.

Lawn Installation/Renovation:
Whether you have purchased a new construction home or want to renovate your existing lawn we can help create a thick, green lawn which generally includes installation/renovation of your yards drainage as well.

Landscape Enhancement/Renovation:
Every lawn requires a "facelift" now and then. When the time comes to enhance your yard with decorative plantings, beds, annual and perennial flowers we can assist you.

Decorative Stone & Masonry Installation:
Each home, design and space requires a tailored design. Our Stone and Masonry work includes but is not limited to:

Patio Installation, Walkway Installation & Renovation,
Decorative Steps and Retaining Walls.

The selection of style color and design are endless. We will work with you to find the perfect fit for your needs and space.

Outdoor Lighting Systems:
Outdoor lighting will instantly increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. The variety of fixtures and uses are wide reaching. Our lighting installation includes but is not limited to:

Path lights, Area lights, Up lighting, Step Lights,
Rope Lighting, Deck Lights and Hardscape Lighting.

Decks & Fences:
Fences serve various purposes in different landscapes. Some are purely decorative and others serve as security and privacy fences. Whether you desire vinyl, hardwood chain link or aluminum we can assist you with the design and installation. Decks are just as customizable as fences. We are able to design and install maintenance free as well as hardwood decks. 

When your basement has wet walls it is time to address the issue before it becomes an expensive repair. We will assess the cause of the issue and help increase drainage of water from around your foundation and eliminate the issue within your home.

Water Features/Pond Maintenance:
Waterfalls, cascades, ponds and fountains add an element of tranquility to your landscape. Whether free standing or incorporated into your overall landscape design we can assist with the design and installation. We will also assist with the routine up-keep and maintenance that these beautiful additions require to maintain proper functioning. 

Seasonal Services:

Your landscape requires different attention as the seasons change and progress. Each homeowner has to decide which seasons they are willing and able to handle on their own.

Our seasonal services are as simple as pruning trees, shrubs and bushes or as complex as a full Spring or Fall clean-up. We also provide Snowplowing and Salting services. As the seasons change our services will be amended to meet the changing needs of your property.